Detailed LCD modeling in 3 dimensions

  • Import of existing CAD data (e.g. GDS2) and post-processing for definition of material properties, alignment parameters and initial director configurations;
  • easy definition and creation of models by integrated 3D editor that replicates a real mask deposition process;
  • advanced meshing generator for minimum meshing time;
  • self-adaptive tetrahedral mesh for accurate results with minimum number of nodes;
  • reduced calculation times by mesh adaption to local geometries;
  • user-adjustable meshing options from fast to accurate;
  • initial relaxation of LC director;
  • periodic boundary conditions;
  • calculation of director configuration over subpixel area or a multitude of pixels;
  • calculation of transmittance and reflectance over subpixel area or a multitude of pixels;
  • evaluation of areas of interest for e.g. average luminance;
  • calculation of stray capacitance between all electrodes;
  • polarization state analysis, representation via Poincaré Sphere or Stokes parameters.

Typical applications for this comprehensive way of modeling include complex TFT-LCDs with MVA, PVA, S-IPS, FFS, TN, OCB, etc.