DIMOS.2D - outstanding algorithms in combination with a GUI for intuitive operation

DIMOS.2D is a module for calculating the electro-optical properties of LCDs in the two spatial dimensions that define a cross-section through the LCD.

  • Three elastic constants (K11, K22, K33) and the natural pitch p0 are taken into account for the sake of realistic modeling. The relaxation process makes use of the rotational viscosity γ1, so that the dynamics of the director configuration can be studied.
  • New in version 2.0 is the implementation of a flexoelectric model.
  • Electrodes, dielectric layers and LC-layers are defined by simply drawing polygon lines of arbitrary shapes.
  • The coupling capacitance of all electrodes can be calculated at arbitrary time levels.
  • A voltage editor is included for the definition of various electrical driving schemes.
  • Both static and stationary electro-optical response as well as the dynamic behavior can be calculated.
  • DIMOS.2D provides access to the DIMOS-family database for access to and import of existing material data.
  • Material properties (e.g. director field) along vertical lines through the model can be exported as a stack of layers for further processing and analysis in the DIMOS optical workbench.
  • New in version 2.0 is the support of periodic boundary conditions.