The DIMOS familiy of simulation tools comprises 3 products.

DIMOS.1D is based on a 1-dimensional model, i.e. a stack of plan-parallel, laterally unbounded layers. It is ideal for the modeling of laterally homogeneous cell structures or pixels where fringing field effects can be neglected. Typical examples are TN-, STN-, OMI-, OCB-cells. Rapid modeling and short simulation times are the key features of DIMOS.1D.

DIMOS.2D is the tool of choice if material properties vary along 1 lateral dimension. For example, the electro-optical properties of IPS-cell with their striped  electrodes can be modeled with DIMOS.2D accurately. 

DIMOS.3D is a full 3d-simulation tool for the modeling of small structures where fringing field effects in both lateral dimensions are significant. Typical examples are TFT-LCD pixels, like MVA-, PVA-, FFS-, and S-IPS-cells.